Ultrasound technician salary

If you wish to be trained as an ultrasound tech then the time is now. You should get yourself enrolled in a university that offers the program for sonographers. You can check a few local colleges to know the different programs being offered and go to a university of your choice. You should also visit a few schools so that you can know the training facilities that will be offered. Schools tie up with hospitals to provide training to students so you can opt for a school that is tied up with the hospital you wish to work with in near future.

The career prospects for a diagnostic medical sonographer are pretty good. If you have a good background and degree, you can hope to get a job that will pay you well. Technological advancements in this field are always on the rise. People come up with newer technology and technicians get the opportunity to get trained to use those technologies on a daily basis. Career options are better for those who are interested in specializing in a particular branch. If you do this, your wages will also increase.

This is just a basic, introductory job description that is designed to cover the initial, day-to-day expectations and the additional factors that may have been overlooked. This is a job that requires lots of skills and dedication but it also has the potential to be highly rewarding because of the technician’s role in the bigger picture and the potential for further advancement.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the field of ultrasound technology will grow 48 percent from 2015 to 2020. With the baby boomers getting older, the need for this type of testing is increasing, which is fueling the demand for sonographers. These technicians are often misunderstood in terms of the amount of detailed work they have to undertake and their role within the hospital; some people form the idea that it is all about babies and monitoring pregnancies and overlook the other demands for ultrasound technology, such as internal injuries or vascular problems. This brief guide aims to show that there is more to the job than people realize and give a sense of what to expect for anyone that is considering entering the profession.

There is a vast difference in wages across the United States, because of variations in demand, cost of living and other factors, and the highest ultrasound technician salary does not necessarily correlate with those areas that have the biggest demand. California is the exception to the rule, paying the most with an average of $84,750 a year in 2015, but the next two highest are Florida and Texas. On the other end of the scale, the average annual salary in Alabama was just $49,910 and these types of lower wages were more commonly seen in rural states with a lower cost of living, such as South Dakota and West Virginia.